[FORUM GAME] EMC-Will Never Happen

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  1. This is a forum game where you post things that you would love to see in the empire, but will probably never happen. There are rules, however.
    1. This is not a place to complain about something you posted in the Suggestion Box, or something you saw that you supported, which was denied.
    2. Never put down other players.
    3. Please, do not complain about the dragon tombs. They do have a release date now, March 30th of 2030. (JK, if that was the Date, then the groups bit wouldn't be out.

    Get Thinking. And Writing.
  2. An EMC tekkit server = Will never happen.
  3. Exactly, however that was something posted... *Fake Counts* 9002 Times in the suggestion box. :p
    Anyways, this thread is more for things that you came up with, that you know will never happen or will take 14 years. My Idea:

    EMCon. (See what i did there? EMC + Con) Anyways,
    A real life convention for EMC. Like in America or something. It would be better if it was in a well known location, like Paris, London, Or Vancouver. (You know, because of the Olympics.) There would be events, users could get signatures, people could wear costumes based on themselves, for example I could wear a bee costume, Pandas could dress as a Panda with noodles, choong could be a Potato, etc.
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  4. Aikar releasing something on time. :p
  5. I'm just gonna... Look at stuff... that totally isn't updates...
  6. a CARROT boss
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  7. That would be hilarious. A blaze that drops carrots where it walks? And it drops shiny Carrots?
  8. not really what i was thinking, but whatever
  9. How did you know?
  10. an EMC tekkit or FTB or Hexxit or pvp server.
  11. Dragon tombs, the Half-Life 3 of EMC.
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  12. Dragon Tombs coming out within a year (was announced last year ahead of time)
  13. IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!


    Me dying to a momentus.
  14. Intended to be released eventually. :)
  15. Aliens.
    And a survival test in town where it rains TNT, complimentary of ICC
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  16. And I like the ideas for it!