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  1. I am thinking on creating a forum game, so put in your comments. Remember, this is only an interest check.

    The plot:
    You are from the United States. (Deal with it, ya Brits.) The world is about to collapse in catastrophe. A disease, called the Flare has broken out. It infects people, turning them into sickening, horrible monsters. The Flares origins come from a private laboratory. Many tests were made on different types of organisms, to find some sort of cure to different diseases that were plaguing undeveloped countries. Instead, the organisms reacted to the tests. Not knowing this, the medicines were given to test subjects.
    You were a test subject.
    The test medicines were given to 100 people. 23 were mutated by the Flare, but the other 77 reacted and were gifted with special powers.
    March 12, 2019: Private laboratories begin tests on organisms.
    March 24, 2019: Private laboratories end tests on organisms.
    April 3, 2019: Medicines (the Flare) are given to test subjects.
    April 4, 2019: All test subjects enter a coma.
    April 27, 2019: Test subjects awake from coma, 23 are mutated, other 77 are not affected.
    April 30, 2019: 23 mutated subjects escape from laboratory; 77 are discovered to have special powers.
    May 3, 2019: Havoc ensues as the mutants infect others with the Flare.
    The powers:
    Persuasion (bending people to your will easily)
    Survival instincts (Knowing where north is without looking, naturally finding a good shelter)
    Mind Reading/telepathic powers
    The Flare:
    Scientific definiton: The Flare, otherwise known as the Infection, The Parasite, or Excan Mortem (Flare Death) are a species of highly virulent parasitic organisms (mainly protozoa) that can reproduce and grow sporadically by infecting and consuming sentient life forms of sufficient biomass and cognitive capability.
    Not-so-complicated definiton: The Flare is a very destructive parasite that infects sentient life forms. Otherwise known as humans.
    You may only pick two powers.
    The monsters:
    Orkises: Mutated humans that almost have no mind, but are controlled by the Flare. (Kinda like the Flood from Halo).
    Grievers: Half mechanical, half biological monsters. Rather than attacking you, they "sting" you. This causes you to go through a series of hallucinations and crazed fits.
    Shidews: Small mutants who usually were children, now are berserk, maniacal zombies that can seem neutral at first, but then attack in a deranged charge.
    More monsters and powers will be added if you suggest them and I like them.
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  2. This seems as a spin-off of Ten Million Souls...
  3. Hey. I can only say I'm "inspired". But I'm not using any terms you did, and I put my own spin on it.
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  4. I like this, if there was a application I would join.
    Maybe you could add mind reading as a power and that power that allows you to move stuff with your mind.
  5. I would be speed and natural intelligence
    that is my best + it will raise my IQ on that
  6. Ok, thanks for the feedback! I will put in Cordial's suggestion.
  7. I have put in a timeline to show exactly when this happened. Also, some more info on characters:
    They have only small fragments of what they did in laboratories. They can remember, for example, that they were in a coma, or that 23 others were mutated. The thing is that they can't remember any faces, or names.
    I believe that also there will be a fixed starting point for the game. Example:
    When around 2 people join, they will start anywhere in Seattle.
    When more people join, the starting point will be anywhere in Washington, then the Northwest coast, then the whole West coast, then the whole West side of the USA, and so on.
  8. Come on people, say your input if you want this game!
    Don't make Cordial_Pie sad.
  9. Like it.

    Can we still be loyal to the queen?
  10. Lol, sure :p
  11. Some pictures.



    Who cares I got these pictures from Halo, the Maze Runner, and Mama.
  12. I would have stregnth and …. What else?

    Survival instincts.
  13. *screeeeeeeeeaaaaammmmm*

    I'm out guys, it's to scary.

  14. Don't worry, those pictures were just something you can have a mental picture of when you're playing. It's not actually that scary.
    If a few more people reply I will make it.
  15. Bump!

    C'mon people reply!!! This is an awesome forum game.
  16. are the grievers like from the maze runner?
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  17. Yup. I actually just finished the book, and now am reading the Scorch Trials.
  18. once you finish the third, read the prequel, it doesn't add much but is an ok read
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