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  1. Darwin's Theory
    Darwin's Theory is, if you couldn't tell by the name, a game about taking a creature out of the microbial stages of evolution, to it's beginnings on land, and then to its extinction. You do not have to become a dominant species, or sentient for that matter. If you choose to become dominant and sentient on your planet, you can build spaceships and travel the universe, and meet other species (other players).

    1. If you're going to say "evolution isn't real" and argue creationism and stuff, then get out right now. I've warned you. I want this to be a fun forum game with some originality - not to argue if the thing the game revolves around is real or not.
    2. The owner and creator of the Forum Game is the only one who retains the right to build the most powerful spaceship in the universe. Simply because... well... If a normal player can do this, it causes too much god modding. Since I have god mode powers anyway (deciding events for your creature etc.) it seems fit to give me the ability to have such a ship.
    3. You must abide to the EMC rules at ALL TIMES.
    4. Keep swearing to a minimum - That means at 0%, but only because there's no need for it in a game like this.
    Name of your creature (go crazy):
    Name of your creature's planet (go crazy here, too):
    Your creature's diet (this can change over time, depending on what you eat):
  2. Name of your creature: Drakon
    Name of your creature's planet (go crazy here, too): Ramonious
    Your creature's diet (this can change over time, depending on what you eat): Carnivore

    You based this off Spore, didn't you?
  3. Eh. Kind of. I expected spore to be an accurate depiction of evolution, but it wasn't. This is :p
    Oh, and you're accepted.
    And I forgot my application.

    Name of your creature: Pyriavilla
    Name of your creature's planet: Galactica
    Creature's Diet: Carnivore

    Pyriavilla evolves a flagella, and rather than insufficient duplicating, evolves the ability to produce eggs and the species is divided into two sections: Male and Female.
    Males produce cells needed to fertilize the eggs, and females produce and lay the eggs. Males are smaller in size.
  4. The Drakon begins to evolve many ocular light receptors.
  5. Ah, Darwin's theory! Just been learning that in biology ;)
  6. Eh.. I'll try my best. :p

    Name of your creature (go crazy): Potatilameon
    Name of your creature's planet (go crazy here, too): Frytica
    Your creature's diet : Omnivore