[Forum Game] Create a sentence using usernames

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  1. Create a sentence using the ABOVE poster's username somehow. And try to continue the story. :)

    I will start.
    Once a upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there was an evil toade.
  2. Who used the magic of the Enders to create the 4 Pillars
  3. One time I met this Weird Manaico, it was insane.
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  4. Once upon a time there was a Green Bird, a lucky one at that. Unfortunatley one day said Green Bird's luck had ran out, and he was eaten by an Owl, who happend to be on Caffeine. This Owl was later eaten by a Walrus. Just an Average Walrus, Nothing special about him. Then, in the year 2002, The walrus was captured by a Man named Caden, who used a DJ-ing Penguin as bait.
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  5. In a galaxy, not that far away, there is an Average walrus that loves llamas!
  6. You were a fan of world war 2, but then you just changed.
  7. In a world far far away (candyland) someone gave a kid 800 chocolate bars.
  8. This child decided to take his 800 chocolate bars for a walk near this beautiful park. It was called the Corq. This is because, from a certain angle, their is a statue there that resembles the cork of a wine bottle. It was, as you might say in German, Uber. They then went to a museum. There was lots of beautiful artifacts there. There was an entire exhibit on the famous lawyer, Max Arias Shreiber Pezet. He was an interesting man.

    Walking home from this, they heard the sound of an engine roaring. Looking down the road, they saw a car. It was not just any car. This was an EyeCar.
  9. And the person driving the eyecar was a murderer stickman!
  10. However he entered a cloning machine and there was 999 stickmen!
  11. EnderMagic4 finally joined the scene not sure what was going on but he was there. As well as the other characters posted. He was more of a antagonist more than anything and kept the story going.