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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by fluffinator09, May 22, 2016.

  1. Welcome to the Bioterrorism Emergency Action Sentinel Team

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: What is this?

    Beasts of the World is an everyone versus the Gamemaster forum RPG/Game.
    fluffinator09 and Hash98 are the game masters, we will control the world and everyone will react to it. This game is based upon teamwork and creativity to solve the problems. Basically everyone will serve in a distinct role to combat the emerging bioterror menace.


    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Country of Origin:
    Agency of Origin:
    Brief Biography (2-3 sentences):
    Extended Biography (Optional):


    Undercover Work
    Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D.)
    Naval Attache
    Air Force Attache
    Ground Troops Attache
    Mechanical Engineering


    Agency Head (0/1)
    Medical Science Head (0/1)
    Attache Head (0/1)
    Intelligence Head (0/1)
    Wetwork Head (0/1)

    For anything else not on the list that you would like to be, please add it to your application and we will review it for addition. If you add a brief and/or detailed description of the position, it is much more likely to be accepted if relevant.

    1. Gamemaster's Word is Final
    2. All EMC rules still apply
    3. Keep all content PG-13
    4. Be polite
    5. Use proper grammar and English
    6. These rules are subject to change any time
    7. Please talk in (( )) format for OOC chat
    8. No power plays, god gaming, or meta gaming
    9. Do not kill another character unless a GM says it is ok
    10. If your character dies you can rejoin
    11. Maximum of two characters per account, but only one HEAD character per account
  2. I'm interested, but it's missing something very important! :eek:
    Backstory. Or Introduction. Or both. ^^
    I mean, it seems kinda P&P/RP-ish which intrigues me, but... I'm not sure if it's set in the MC world, or the real world or a fictional one.. So I'm not sure how to imagine my character... o.o
    But I'm still very interested! :)
  3. Thank you for your interest, but without more interest we simply cannot do this.
  4. If more people join I'd be interested in playing.
  5. Understandable. How many people do you need to start?
  6. I can't say at this time because I do not know. At least all of the heads.