[Forum Game] Adventures of Countries!

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  1. Adventures of Countries!

    How it works:
    First, you will need to choose a country to role play as. After you picked your country, do whatever you want to do with it, have adventures with other countries or be the enemy of them. Your choice how their personality should be; either be it like IRL or be it your own made up personality.
    Now, how can we know who's playing as? Simple! You will be using a polandball character image(s), that has your selected country flag (I personally made them myself) on every post you make in this thread!


    Lithuania - Unclaimed http://imgur.com/a/aVq7y#0
    Latvia - Unclaimed http://imgur.com/a/XjzGT#0
    Estonia - Unclaimed http://imgur.com/a/ziAnl#0
    United Kingdom - nfell2009 *in progress*

    But Jakres, y u has only 3 countries and y u no has mah country?!?!
    I wanted to see if there is any interest to this type of game at all. If you want to have a country, that's not on the list, just tell me what country you want to be and I will make you one.
    But but Jakres, how can I add those polandballs to my post trough an album?

    Then from there, right click and click "Copy image URL"

    Then paste the link and voila, you have a polandball in your post!

    Space space space space space space

    (also a side-note: I'm going to sleep right now but it doesn't mean you shouldn't request polandball countries... requests plox? ;-; )
  2. Request - UK <33