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  1. Some people don't know how to do everything that is possible with this forum. Others have problems with spoilers.

    Well, I'll go ahead and fix everything for everyone.

    1. BBCodes
    Instead of HTML, this forum has simple tags that can be used as modifiers for strings. Often times, you won't even need to use tags, since the Rich Text Editor tends to manage that on its own.

    Most tags have shorthand as well, so multiple things may have the same effect.

    A tag is marked by a condition in the format of: [tag]
    For example:
    [bold]Wow, this is emphasized![/bold]
    On that note, the BBCode above can be created by typing [Code][bold]Wow, this is emphasized![/bold][/code].
    To display a code as plain text, modify it with the tag [plain]

    Well, that's the syntax of BBCodes. Since most of the codes are managed with the Rich Text Editor, I will only go over hierarchy.

    2. Hierarchy of Quotes
    When replying to someone, their message is put in a quote. During this process, all quotes that are inside the quote are removed automatically, to prevent clutter. This process can be undone, however, which leads to better context in certain situations.

    With Quotes, as well as spoilers, there is a chance for things to go wrong. This will be discussed in the Spoilers section.

    The example above can be created using this code:
    [quote=JustinGuy][quote=GameKribJEREMY]I am the community manager.[/quote]I am the server manager.[/quote]
    Quotes CAN be made into an infinite tunnel, though you'll run out of character space eventually. Be careful when putting a large amount of consecutive quotes, as the modifiers may break each other.

    Any further questions about quotes can be asked and answered later in the thread.

    3. Spoilers
    Everyone seems to have problems with spoilers.
    Specifically, multiple spoilers.

    I really want to fix that, and I'll explain exactly why that happens.
    This is a spoiler.

    [spoiler][font=Trebuchet MS][Color=#eb6403]This is a spoiler[/color][/font][/spoiler][
    That spoiler worked well. Now for a bad spoiler.
    This is a broken spoiler, so it's bolded for emphasis.

    Pretty much the same code there. Why is it broken? Why are there multiple spoilers in that one spot?

    It's simple: I put a modifier on the spoiler tag itself. If you change the color, italicize, bold, underline, shrink, expand, or even strike out the spoiler tag, it will cause duplicates. This only happens when you're using the rich text editor.

    How do you fix it?

    You find a [spoiler] that has no Rich modification. You can also create your own, though you may have troubles outside of standard text editor.

    Any further questions will be answered as they arise, so ask away!
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