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  1. Thanks to a suggestion from Kells18, I've turned the Community Marketplace into it's own category and split it up into two sections. The products section will of course be or in game items. Businesses & Services will be to advertise, well exactly that. This could cover a multitude of things such as grinder services, digging/harvesting services, casinos, tree chopping, etc.

    These forums can be used for both selling and 'looking for' posts. Feel free to make posts if you NEED specific items or services done. Just be sure to make sure you can tell if you're looking for or selling via the subject line.
  2. Great idea, and as far as i know FIRST
  3. Sweet Awesome idea
  4. Great :) It's good to see community suggestions being used. :D
  5. Go Kells18! Woo! :D
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  6. i was getting angry trying to find it :p