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  1. So I've noticed that in the lists of topics, my avatar is displayed twice. If I change my avatar, it still displays with the picture-in-picture.

    This would be cool if I could display my Minecraft face as a picture-in-picture over a photo avatar of me, but as it is, I can only upload one photo to lay over itself.

    Was I specific enough? Who is confused about what I just asked? lol
  2. The forum shows your picture, with another picture over it because it's you who posted the thread, but you're also the last person to post in the thread. I think.
    The way to go about doing what you're describing ( having your avatar be a picture overlayed by your minecraft skin's face, right) would be to photoshop both things it into a single image.
    I think I got that right. I'm tired, nothing I read makes sense, ehe.
  3. That make sense, except why am I the only one who seems to display like that?

    Also, I can't do it manually and have it look as clean as actually placing one photo over another in html/css. It's not a big deal, but food for thought about the social aspect of the forums I guess.

    I'm still curious why I only see mine doing that though in the list of topics.
  4. It happens to me, too. Whenever I post a new thread, and no one has replied, it shows the double avatars. Perhaps you only see it happen to yourself?

    Edit: You see a smaller picture of your avatar overlaying the avatar of the original thread poster. So, you can only see your avatar, no one elses.
    For example, when I look at this thread, its your avatar covered by a smaller version of mine : P
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  5. While everything you're saying makes perfect logical sense...

    I've cleared my caches and tried with two browsers:

    You'll notice that you're the last person to post.

    It's only on threads I started I believe.
  6. Huh. But I see my avatar on this one may just be for the threads we've posted in.
    I feel like one of the admins or mods will see this and be like "this is how it works" and it'll be incredibly obvious xD
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  7. Thread's you've participated in, rather than threads you are the last poster in makes sense I think.
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  8. If this is the case, I feel like some other sort of icon or graphic would make more sense than seeing my own face. I mean it's fine for me now, but will probably confuse others.
  9. amadai is right, it is in any thread youve posted in, i just double checked it with my postings.not all that confusing really, any thread you post in, you see a p.i.p of your avatar in the corner.
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