Fortune levels tweak from vanilla?

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  1. Saw a guy posting in chat that his Fortune-6 pick had produced 24-diamonds from 3-ore.

    That's about 8 diamonds per ore.

    But the normal progression for fortune (I think) is 1+level of items.

    Fortune I = max 2 drops
    Fortune II = max 3 drops
    Fortune III = max 4 drops
    So shouldn't Fortune VI = max 7 drops?

    Has EMC tweaked the rates? If so, is this also true of other enchants?
  2. Orebuster, which is a promo, have fortune 5
    Holiday picks have fortune 4, but to my knowledge there isnt a fortune 6 pick on emc
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  3. This is true, there is no Fortune VI Pick on EMC
  4. Or is there?... *crowd gasps*

    Edit: He/she wouldn't be able to get a non promo pickaxe that is fortune VI or higher without access to a command block or having OP which I doubt he does. :rolleyes:
  5. No *crowd is silenced* :p
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  6. Ok, so efficiency 6, fortune V on an orebuster.

    Question still stands...8 diamonds per ore block?
  7. i guess is possible, but he was extremely lucky i guess
  8. V is 5 :p I'm not sure exactly how the system works, but I'd imagine tuqueque is right in saying that he was lucky.
  9. Although I believe it is mathematically possible to get 8 diamonds from a single ore using an Ore Buster it is unlikely and certainly not going to be a consistent yield. Fortune gives a 'chance' at a higher yield, not a guarantee. I would imaging that the player in question may have been over exaggerating (trolling) the yield they got.
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  10. Well, maybe he was mistaken then. He had no reason to lie or exaggerate and seemed surprised himself. Perhaps he had diamonds in his inventory already and had forgotten.

    MrSocks75, could you explain more the mathematical possibility? In all honesty, I thought the best Fortune 5 can do is a 6-drop? I don't have the code though. If you've seen it, I wouldn't mind a dump :)

    Thanks again even if you don't.
  11. Math always confuses me so I did a quick test in my test server. Using an ore buster equivelent pickaxe I broke 128 diamond ores. The most I got from a single ore was, in fact, 6. The average over all 128 ores, 2.something calling it 3.

    There is no way a player got 24 diamond from 3 ores. Not legit anyway.
  12. Yep, this is what led to my original question :)

    I think this claims that Fortune 5 yields at most a 6-drop and does that on a 1/7 chance.

    Thanks everyone. I think we can call this myth "busted".