Fortune III, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. This auction has ended
  2. Auction ends in 7 hours
  3. auction was alredy over the pick is mine...
  4. Dang, so many auctions because of the texp update XD
  5. The auction would have ended in 7 hours if no more bids came in. It says 12 hours since last bid at the top. I was just reminding people :) the current leader is thaedor with 12k. Sorry for the confusion
  6. If no one bids higher than 12k in the next 2 hours, Thaedor will win
  7. Thats tempting :O But the eff doesnt really intrigue me that much becuase it can make you break blocks you didnt mean to :D
  8. *Noo! Just broke 109 dirt by accident, Ahhh!*
  9. Btw, Just wanna point out that this is EXTREMELY over priced...
  10. Its not overpriced when someones willing to pay it :)
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  11. The auction is now officially over. The winner is Thaedor with 12k. Come by my lot 10042 in smp5 to claim it.
  12. meh, fake money for a fake item

    also on a run of 7 picks without fortune so meh again.