Fortune III, Efficiency IV

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  1. ill go 4000.......
  2. the starting is 5000
  3. Sorry, I don't haggle :)
  4. 8000r for it!!!
  5. Is it a deal????
  6. Yeah. I'll be on around 1:30pm pst
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  7. Wait I thought you couldn't get eff IV without a hack....
  8. Okey! i can pick it up tommorow at 14:30-15:30!
  9. I pay you tommorow:) (7.03.2012)
  10. Goes up to Eff5, its Ubr that stops at 3
  11. Ahhh I see, thank you kind sir!
  12. Think on having a
    Silk Touch I
    Effenecy V
    Unbreaking III
  13. One of those might be going up by someone i know soon. I'll let you know :)
  14. By the way, I'm on smp5 at 10042 right now if you want to come pay and get your pick
  15. Okey i have payed (Check the r history if you don't beliw me) Can i get it now????
  16. I'll put it in a chest you can access on my lot.10042 on smp5. I'll get it in there in the next hour or so
  17. ill buy it for 11k
  18. I have another one if your serious :)