Fortune III, Efficiency IV Diamond Pick (Buy Now Price!)

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  1. * BUT IT NOW PRICE: 8k Rupees. 1st Come 1st Serve

    * You must collect the item from my lot - Smp4 9485 - I will set up a chest for you

    * Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions

    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.

    * All items are unused unless otherwise stated
  2. what is the minimum bid?
  3. Not an auction, just whoever wants to buy it, will get it
  4. Funny.... why does the title say "AUCTION" all in caps and first ?!?!?!?!?!
  5. Oops lol, sorry
  6. Offer you 6K. ;)
  7. Sorry, 8k
  8. I know what you posted but I'm not too keen on 8K. 6K no bull payment. :D
  9. Tell ya ya at 7K. ;)
  10. Thats exactly what you wanted me to do :D 7.5k is the lowest ill go
  11. Ok, thanks for the negeotiation....good fun. I'll hold at 7K. :)