Fortune III EFF 4 diamond pick for sale

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  1. how much can i get for this and who wants it? i wont go less than 8k
  2. I'll give you 8k for it right now.
  3. It its worth about 20k +
  4. Gimme 10k and we have a deal ill be in smp2 3838
  5. item is sold
  6. I sell that pick and more at 18461
  7. worth more like 6k
  8. Umm no, ppl these days are selling them for soo low, it worth more.
  9. your out of stock on the unb III fortune III eff 4 id like to buy it for 10k
  10. Its only worth me ik i have had more eperience selling pickaxes then you.
  11. I'm not out of stock they are all in stock.
  12. oh it says out of stock hmm maybe cuz i only have 10k
  13. Ill check if the sign is right
  14. Well you are selling your pickaxe's low,Fortune is worth alot more then what people have been selling them at. Do you relies that u get more drops?
  15. only 120% more.its not all that expensive
  16. yea it is, ppl dont know the real value of it
  17. your the one that doesnt know.what would u price a silktouch at?
  18. A pure silk touch? I've bought them for 5k and lower.
  19. ya but zslum says a fortune III eff IV is worth so now im wondering how stupidly high he would price a silktouch
  20. 15k for only a silktouch? I personally wouldnt pay more than 10k for any pick.