Fortune I Diamond Pickaxe

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    • Minimum bid/reserve price: 1,200r
    • Minimum bid increment: 250r
    • Bidding (this auction) will end 18 hours after the last bid
    • You must collect the pickaxe from my lot on smp3 (6792) - once you have paid i will set up an access chest for you
    • Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    • Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
    • Item is unused
    • Any bid on this item within the previous stipulations will be considered a binding agreement, so if you bid, you should be able to pay the price that you have bid should you win. So no backing out once you have bid.
  1. Bid more ppl!
  2. Come on!
  3. i now agree with makrom1 plz bid ive just made my own fortune pic and dont need another
  4. Makrom, Please don't reply to your on auctions repeatedly to get it to show on recently active list. Also 1500
  5. Oops, isn't it allowed? I did it.
  6. Yeah it aint allowed?
    If not sry wont happen again
  7. Bid increments of 250r or higher
  8. kk 1750 then and no its not allowed to "post bump"
  9. i guess u won
    ill set up the chest once u pay
  10. If not claimed i will pay you 2k for it
  11. Lest wait to see if he pays
  12. Or don't u hav money?
  13. Well if u donĀ“t pay i'll sell it to some1 else
  14. Dude give me a minute I cant get on MC right now, its been like 1 hour since you closed the auction hold your horses, What server, and I got more Rupees than you can imagine 123,666R (coincidental)
  15. U can pay me even if im offline