Fortune 2 Efficency 3 picaxe for sale

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  1. im selling a fortune 2 efficency 3 picaxe for 5k on smp5 replay to this thread if your interested :D
  2. also the pic is only 5k
  3. how much u gonna pay?
  4. i got pm and i cannot sell you the picaxe for 3k sorry
  5. picaxe is lowered to 4k guys 1st come firt serve
  6. Its diamond, right?
  7. im sorry Equinox i sold it about an hour ago i hadnt seen ur msg D:
  8. Was this supposed to be an auction? You need to be careful in the way you do these kinds of sales. You had a willing buyer reply to your thread here, but you went and sold it to another player.

    Just a note for next time: When you hold an auction/sale on the forums, make sure you are following the right format and post it in the subforum dedicated to Auctions :) Eliminates the possibility of disagreements and misunderstandings. I'll post the appropriate format for an auction below.

    Auction format:

    Title: [AUCTION] *name & enchantment of the pic*

    Description *same as the title*
    Condition *brand new/never used is the best way to sell an item*
    Starting Bid *such as 1000k*
    Minimum Bid Increments *200r*
    Auction End *in so many hours/24 hours after the last bidder bids etc*

    I'm sure you could do this for a straight out sale too, but instead of saying the minimum bid and when the auction ends, tell the players the first person to reply with a serious intent to buy will get the product. Just remember to kep a check on the forum thread you've started before you sell it to someone else :)
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  9. thks so much for this i hadnt even known about this thks!!!