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  1. I am auctioning a diamond shovel that is enchanted with fortune 1 it hasnt been use yet

    starting bid 250r

    bid increase minimum 10r 2012-08-03_21.45.41.png
  2. pickup will be on SMP4 RES# 8578
  3. Fortune I doesn't do anything for a shovel,
    Fortune is only for pickaxes and it is used to get more drops from ores.
    That shovel is pretty much worthless.
  4. 250r to start you off.
    It may be worthless but I want it.
  5. thanks without u nobody would of bid i dont have alot of supplies so this was the best i could do
  6. hi you came to my auction for the cheast of extended fire risestance potions.
  7. is it still on? if it is 260r
  8. 300 Rupees ( If Still on )
  9. Lol this auction is going to go on forever...
  10. Just curious, but why bid on something only useful for flint?
  11. the auction will be over in 12 hours
  12. the bid is over wafflemancj wins waffle please come to SMP4 on res 8578 to recieve your shovel
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.