Fortress of Solitude by ZerreissenDirge(will be updated often)

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  1. well here are screens of my residence i have Dubbed the"Fortress of Solitude"
    FEEL FREE TO STOP BY TO TAKE A LOOK as it gets built :)
    Pylon sign:

    Pylon whole:

    Black Market(closed)

    Black Market(open)

    Black Market interior

    Storeroom Tunnel

    Storeroom Entrance

    Storeroom Exit

    Smelt House Exterior

    Smelt House Interior
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  2. Tower Entrance

    Tower interior

    Tower Courtyard(my pride and joy creation)

    Fortress walls

    Fortress entrance(from behind)

    Tree Farm Sunroof
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  4. Why thank you port! :)
  5. no sarcasm
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  6. It already looks awesome. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.
  7. 1 word. WOW. :)
  8. why thank you can't wait to get it done sooo much stone brick soo soo soo much @_@
  9. I think it's funny how different my version of your house and your version look because of those texture mods of yours.
  10. i use painterly tex pack its pretty custom lol
  11. two words: "simply amazing!!!":D
  12. Great work mate, keep p the good work yea!!
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  13. oh it's a work in progress and if forza 4 wasn't stealing my time i would be finishing up my res right now! O_O
  14. this looks really cool!
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  15. why thank you :)