Fort Frontier Griefed!

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  1. Fort Frontier was griefed some time last night. I had noticed a guy with a creeper skin on my island yesterday afternoon, but he wasn't moving, he seemed to just be chillin on one side of the island. I'm sure it was him, but I forgot his name.

    I went through the town nether portal to see if I could find any trace of the suspected griefer, but to no avail. As I stepped back through the nether portal, I found myself in an unfamiliar cave. It was definitely man-made. And it was in the same exact spot I saw the creeper dude yesterday. There were some chests in there, where I found what seemed to be all the items the guy had stole (nothing of value really, most of our valuable items are locked away.)

    I did nothing to harm this person in any way, and in fact left him an encouraging message stating that I forgave him <.< >.>. But hes still an idiot, and this is very unfortunate. Goes to show how far people will go just to get a little laugh :(
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    Thanks, Squizzel_Boy
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  3. Yeah. And next time you see him go to him and take a picture. Don't build trap. And I suggest remove that trap before you hurt someone.
  4. I simply went and removed all nether portals from the island and have asked the other residents not to build them anymore. I now know why it is suggested not to build them inside your town. Believe me, if I could have, I would have taken his picture. When I saw him on the island, I was looking at the live map and was offline from the game. I suspected something was up what with his creeper skin and all, so I tried to log on just to see if I could talk to him a little and figure out what he was doing, but the game was full and alas, I could not log on before I left to go do real life things.
    The griefer also left a message on Rbelove's house (or what was left of it): the sign that Rbelove put on his house simply said "Rbelove's Home", the griefer cleverly and wittily changed the name to "Rbe-FAG's House." Talk about obsessive, he made a 20 minute journey to personally attack Rbelove :p