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  1. Hello EMC, this is rburke5786

    I have a question over the Auction Section in the forums. I notice that the threads have "[Auction]" in the title, is this automatic when the thread is posted? How does the "[Auction]" get in the title? I also notice that there are some that have "[Vote]" in their titles. Are these things manually typed in, or is this done by the website itself?
  2. You just write it into the title yourself to let people know it is an auction, it is manual.
  3. If you wanted [HELP] you would make the tittle
    [HELP] Forms "Auctions"
  4. Thanks for letting me know, I've also noticed that the title gets Closed in the title. I tried editing a title of one of my previous posts and it wouldn't let me do it, there wasn't an option for it. Is there a way I can close one of my auctions manually?
  5. You report the original post of the thread asking for it to be closed by staff if you are finished with it.
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  6. There is not. You have to press the REPORT button below your post to remove it.

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  7. You can click the "report" button on the original post of an auction and say you want it close. The staff member will add the [CLOSED] title to the thread and shut it down for you. :)
  8. Anything in the title is manual.

    For closing, no. You have to request for a moderator to close it, and the easiest way is just to report the thread post saying something like : Auction finished - Please close. :)
  9. You are not allowed to close your own auctions. Only Moderators and Sr Staff are allowed to do so :)