Forest Fire??

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  1. Anyone ever set a forest fire?? I'm on SMP9 and i've built my own house on a small piece of beach at -810,-3535. I'm thinking of setting a fire just to see what kind of devastation it would have... There is a good chunk of jungle near by so all the trees and leaves are real close together... Anyone ever done this??
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  2. It will probably burn out eventually...

    Just make sure no one is living in the area and it's not too close to spawn, don't wanna get banned for griefing! :)
  3. Its not that spectacular. I did it before the reset and burnt an entire jungle biome to the ground for the saplings. Took ages to do as the fires didnt really spread.
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  4. Setting things on fire with a //set command is awesome.
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  5. Don't burn it down, you're wasting good resources! Chop the trees down and smelt the logs to charcoal!
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  6. The fire spread will only be remotely fast on Hard
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  7. Do not do this close to spawn I've seen some people get banned for doing it to places close to spawn (within 1k blocks i'd say)
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  8. Burn it down so the cats dont get hungry
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  9. I am very far away from the wild spawn, 3500 blocks and from what I see on the map it doesn't appear any one else has set up shop close to where i am... I also lit 1 block of leaves on fire and it spread pretty quickly... i did that before i made this post and i went to put it out and it took almost everything i could do to get it out before it got out of control... just wondering....
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  10. water buckets work wonders
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  11. LET IT BURN.....

    Plus chopping down the trees is to much work...

    So like it said

    LET it Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. We got a pyro over here!
  13. Let it burnnnnnnnnnnnn