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  1. Hi, I was trying to get a res closer to my girlfriend. I force claimed res 8915 on smp4, and it set it to home but still says someone else owns it and can not build on said lot. Any help with this is much appreciated.
  2. Did it actually say you claimed it and did it charge you?
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  3. You Might wanna talk to a staff member about this (preferably senior staff... maybe not.) But yeah. Talk to a staff member, Must be a bug.
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  4. Some players feel the need to troll by setting their res message to look like the claim message. I think you may have fallen for one of their tricks. Look for a light blue arrow before the message to see that it is a res message and not a server message.

    EDIT: It appears that you are the owner according to our database. Please message Senior Staff for more assistance.
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  5. Trying to get closer to your girlfriend? Must be true love. :D
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  6. when i type /res forceclaim it brings up a box to confirm or decline when i confirmed it set it to home so i can /home to it and when i type /res it says 8915 is my res
  7. and when entering and leaving the res it says welcome to kugeln69's residence
  8. how do i message senior staff?
  9. Chickened recently made changes to the claim code. Sounds like you have found a bug. Sorry about the delay but a staff member may not be able to fix this for several hours I can't even log in at the moment due to work. I bet chicks ever will have the solution at a glance due to being familiar with the system.
  10. i got in touch with a staff member said he found the problem and needed a senior staff to fix it ty for the help to those who helped
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  11. yeah some times the ownership change appears to be bugging out. odd since i havent seen errors in the logs.

    but you will need to wait till sr staff can get to it, pm them at
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  12. ?? stupid autocorrect