For you BOII Fans...

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  1. Really man... Camera(25) (1).jpg Camera(22) (1).jpg Camera(24) (1).jpg
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  2. So.. Nice weather today, huh? Though, I suppose it doesn't matter... The entire world is dead now....
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  3. Yes, I play BOII.
    No, I don't know what you're trying to say... :p
  4. Obviously if you look you can see this kid has hacked kills. He is a typical COD nub. This is not me if it wondering, some random.
  5. Ima give this a bump for people to see how much trearch cares...
  6. thats only 899 million kills, maybe he just plays it 24/7?
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  7. All his guns r like dat
  8. Nooo! Even all the ANIMALS are gone! D:
  9. does killing bacteria with a bullet count? XD
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  10. Wait.. That would mean, if every bullet was a kill, for simplicity, that would mean about 1/2 to 1 MILLION bacterium would be killed each time, since there is TONS of bacteria on your skin.

    EDIT: the total bacteria killed by just that LSAT, is 17,619,750,000. That is, if each bullet kills 750,000 bacterium each kill
  11. Um... what does BOII mean?
  12. Black ops 2
  13. then why doesn't the title say "for all people that like video games"
  14. Because some people don't like Black Ops II. I'm just here because I look at every active thread.
  15. if he has about 900million kills and his KD ratio is .79, how many times has he died? lol
  16. Well he IS a hacker or had someone hack him there so, Im guessing his KD is actually legit. not sure how this hacker thing works.
  17. 1) If treyarch finds out someone is a hacker they just simply add deaths, they don't reset kills. Also it could be a glitch, if they changed the system numbers and try didn't do anything then he would have a crazy high K/D.
  18. 1) This player either a) got into a hacked lobby (which are actually very rare in BO2 currently) or b) has a JTAG Xbox of his own, and modded his account.

    2) If you are caught cheating/boosting by Trearch, the result is --> you lose all kills, wins, and score. However, you keep all of your deaths, losses, and time played. So, depending on how much you have played, your K:D, Win:Loss, and Score per Minute (SPM) are essentially ruined, unless you get to level 55, prestige, and then reset all of your stats with the Prestige Award you are awarded for reaching 1st Prestige. It's a bit harsh...but then again, it's a great way to deal with all those boosters and players who have joined/hosted modded XP lobbies.

    3) I do play Black Ops II (as well as every other Call of Duty), and if you hate on the CoD series, odds are, you die a lot. ;)
  19. I highly disagree with this, but Im not going to start on that subject...
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  20. lol hackers i see them on apple's game center with a score of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 its just rows of people with that every game will have hackers that have stupid scores
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