For those who don't watch Notch's Twitter

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  1. For...?
  2. Someone to build it on EMC. It'll happen eventually, I'm guessing,
  3. Thats epic! Good job!

    EDIT: Now all my creations look like poop ._.
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  4. Nah it's way to big. One utopia res could only fit the first few seconds of the coaster.
  5. Deathtomb and eklektoi both have 9 reses each.
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  6. But it would all have to be built above cloud level then. That would be hard.
  7. Meh. I made a giant island at 256 blocks. Not too hard. Plus, hasorko is making skyfall on utopia. We could use that c:
  8. omg, that is so epic!!!!!!!
  9. someone could build it in the wild......