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  1. I mentioned a few days ago in a thread in response to something MelodyTune said, that one of the things that scares me most is the laziness and ignorance of the general population. This video explains the banks. From the very beginnings to the situation we are currently in. It is more complete than any textbook, video, infographic, website, etc, etc, etc, that I've ever seen. And it's funny. Enjoy :)

    Oh, it's long, so set aside some time to watch it, or maybe watch while you play MC :)

  2. This is now a general awesome knowledge thread. Please keep this about theoretical/mid-high level stuff that most people may not know. Share the kind of stuff you'd share eagerly with all your nerdy/sciencey friends :)

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on the discovery of the planets (and possibly more, but that's as far as I've gotten). Again it's a bit long, but worth watching at some point, again maybe while you do some monotonous digging:

    "Americans care about Pluto more than any other planet... Why? Is it because it's the littlest, and the cutest? No! You don't know how cute it is!"
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  3. Here is the Story of Suff:
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  4. Haven't watched it yet (still watching the Tyson one), but YAY!!! More contributions!
  5. The whole RSA Animate series is worth watching, but this one is probably my favorite:
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  6. While we're putting the world to rights, here's a great description of the European debt crisis:

  7. Don't believe in everything you read/watch/hear/smell
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  8. heres a good way to put it

    -the us govt is at the bottom of a toilet trying to swim up...
  9. I would disagree with that... I mean the government as a whole isn't doing well, but individual people within it are doing amazingly. And those people aren't trying to change anything, because it all benefits them :p but lets try to keep this thread about other stuff than politics. Politics + Science = :(
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  10. smell? lol.

    These videos are all well researched and pretty accurate (at least the ones I've looked at). Nova is one of the best scientific TV shows ever, and Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably the most respected astrophysicist of our time (watch the video, you'll discover he even had a hand in the whole "Pluto's not a planet" thing).

    That being said, that's definitely some good advice :)
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  11. yeah all im eant was the govt.
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  13. I hate to be repetitive, but I put this one on the math thread too. It has to do in some ways with Yukon's video.