For those spleef lovers

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  1. I do ask that players that are hosting a spleef game on any of the servers to use local chat when counting down to reduce chat spam :) I don't know of it happens on all servers but I know it happens on smp3. Thank you for reading this and spread the word about this . It also helps you from getting kicked or having a mod to tell you to.

    Thank you-
    Skilled_Creeper :)

    Mobile post ftw :p
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  2. 100% agreed :)

    In case you don't know you get to local by using: /ch l
  3. I recently won a spleef match at GregOwnz's spleef arena. I am a fan of spleef and I will try to have any matchs I run/participate in use local chat. I don't currently have a spleef arena, but I am considering putting in one.