For those of you who don't know what's being added

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Do you like what's being added so far?

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  1. As most of you may know by now, Notch Jeb has started and is still working on the update for 1.2. For those of you who don't know what will be added, here is a list of just the things currently out in the prereleases:
    [*] Ocelots ( kitty cats ) are a mob that is tameable with raw fish ( if you move while trying to tame an ocelot, it will sprint away ), and native to the Jungle .
    [*] World height has been doubled. ( thus, giving Empire all the more reaseon to have uber builders )
    [*] Jungle biomes have been added. ( new Jungle sapling, when ordered in a 2*2 area, it will grow a ginormous jungle tree, and retextured wood on jungle trees )
    [*] Vines are now climbable ( Ladders, however, have been given their hitbox back, making ladders the old way again, and vines the 1.1 ladders, since vines do not have a hitbox. )
    [*] Testificates can now breed ( only when their population has decreased for some reason )
    [*] Zombies can break down doors ( currently still in development, still glitchy )
    [*] Redstone lamps have been added ( this is basically toggleable glowstone, meaning it can be turned on and off )
    [*] Fire Charges have been added ( when shot out of a dispenser, will act like a ghast shooting a fireball. However, if used manually, will act like a single use flint & tinder )
    [*] In creative mode, spawn eggs instantly spawn the mob when shot out of a dispenser ( before it was an animation of it being shot out of the dispenser )
    [*] Wolves/Dogs can now breed ( feed 2 wolves/dogs 1 piece of raw beef, and the act of love will consume the dogs, making a puppy [ same as other baby animals, smaller body, but same size head] )
    [*] And a few other bug fixes ( not specified )

    Now, as (hopefully) all of you know, EmpireMinecraft will be down while 1.2 is out. So, if you'd like to stay on Empire while 1.2 is out, until they get Bukkit for 1.2, press "not right now" when minecraft asks you if you'd like to update it. If you've already said yes, and want to get on empire, click on this link and download it to backdate minecraft:
    [URL] [/URL]
    Depending on what type of computer you have, this may not work successfully.
    I'm sure Notch Jeb will keep coming out with even better updates for minecraft and we'll all get to play it on Empire soon, too, even though it will take awhile for bukkit to come out, considering so much stuff has come out so far.
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  2. What really frustraits me is the sky limit. I dug out my res to make a 128 epic shop and now evry one around will have stuff 3x higher then mine lol
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  3. Ok a few things here that r wrong. The villagers will only breed if there is a empty house for the new baby to live in. And zombies will only break down WOOD doors in hardcore mode.
  4. I have heard they are adding Iron Golems that guard npc villages, they throw hostile mobs and attack you if you hit villager.
  5. True i forgot to say that also
  6. So this is confirmed? I just heard wasn't sure if it was a rumor.
  7. idk really know
  8. correction, they will break down wood doors in har mode AND hardcore mode. Yes, I know that there is certain standards for the breeding testificates, and WTF is the point of zombies attacking villagers if they have iron golems defending them?
  9. It actualy might happen in 1.2.
    But I don't think when you hit a villager he attacks, you not sure since I just heared of this a day ago from somone on YouTube.
  10. Iron Golems have a LOT of health (Half as much as ENDERDRAGONS) and are capable of killing a Diamond-Clad Fighter in four hits.

    Needless to say, they are very fun to fight. :)
  11. So, I think arrows and a tall building would be the best way to kill it?
  12. Nope.
    Drown 'em. (Though it is REALLY fun to get a few people and knife 'em to death. :P)
  13. COUNT ME IN!
  14. ME TOO!!!! (when 1.2 comes out for Empire, of course :p)