For the *players* who updated

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  1. Okay, before you rage, I know this should be in EMC guides, but I cant post in there.

    STEP 1.
    Dont update in the fist place.

    STEP 2.
    If you did update press the windows key+r at the same time. (Sorry if you are on a Mac. I dont know what to do with them.)

    STEP 3.
    Type %appdata% then find your .minecraft file.

    STEP 4.
    Once you find your .minecraft file amongst all you other things, go into it.

    STEP 5.
    You see the bin file? Right click it.

    STEP 6.
    Now click "Restore to a previous version" (This does not mean previous update to minecraft although this is what you are doing.)

    STEP 7.
    You see a bunch of date+files, right? Click the top.

    STEP 8.
    Now you click the restore button and wait 3 Microsoft hours for it too finish.

    STEP 9.
    Enjoy playing on the previous version of Minecraft.

    Hope you find this little guide useful

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  2. So since I updated, imma noob?
  3. For the people who updated and want to play on EMC now. -_-'Giving smart answers, huh? :p
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  4. I updated, It was a joke.
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  5. I updated and I'm having fun killing villagers with anvils and wearing my new blue leather shirt :)
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  6. For mac, open finder and goto /users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/bin
    You will see a file called 'minecraft.jar'. rename it to minecraft.jar_OLD or something like that.
    You need to get a previous version of a minecraft.jar they can be found here: 1.3.2

    Place the downloaded file in you 'bin' folder and make sure it's called minecraft.jar

    Open minecraft and get ur ass on EMC.
  7. I cant ride a donkey :(, but I can ride a saddle on a pig with a carrot, HAHA!
    I also know there is a way easier way to play EMC and still have 1.4, But I forgot :(
  8. I updated. Riding a pig with my carrot on a stick is awesome. Also, MagicLauncher, 1.3.2 jar backup and 1.4.2 jar. I'm happy playing the best of both worlds.
  9. OR magic launcher :p
  10. Could you give me the link for it :)?
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  12. Lol Im glad not everyone is dis-ing me for my joke. Ive got a black leather jacket :D