For Skilled_Creeper's Grandfather

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  1. Hi guys, Skilled_Creeper spoke with me today, and asked whether I could pray for his grandfather, as I am strong in my religious views, I could not turn him down:

    I have created this thread, with Skilled's permission, to pay support to the tough time he and his family are going through at the moment.

    His Grandfather has got cancer and a rare blood disease, he can hardly lift his leg up by himself.

    To you skilled: Enjoy all the time you have with your Grandfather, I never got to see my great-grandmother when she died, as I am in a different country, make sure you are always there for him, take care, and I am always here if you need help.

    This thread is also to help Crazy1080 and his family, with all he is going through with his grandfather. I hope you are able to make it through this tough time, be aware always that God is constantly watching over your Grandfather, and guiding him through this tough time.

    My Prayer:

    Almighty and Eternal God,
    You are the everlasting health of those who believe in You.
    Hear us for Skilled's and Crazy's Grandfathers, who have fallen sick
    for whom we implore the aid of Your tender mercy,
    that being restored to bodily health,
    That both Crazy's and Skilled's Grandfathers may once again give thanks to You in Your Church.
    Through Christ our Lord.

    If any of you out there are to religious, you may post a little prayer yourselves, if you are not, anything to help both Crazy and Skilled get through this is greatly appreciated.

    I do realise religion is a difficult topic, so if I offend any of you for doing this, I appologise in advance, in no way do I mean offence by doing this.

    God Bless you all, especially you Crazy, and you Skilled.

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  2. Thanks for this, MR2R2M.
    He's lived for a long time, and an especially long time without his wife (She died two days after I was born) and he isn't sad at all about the news. He can't do much anymore because he's so old, so I think this might be a good thing for him. I'm more sad for my Dad as both of his parents would have left him and well... that's a sad thing.
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  3. I can understand, I have gone through similar situations throughout my life. It is sad, but sometimes you need someone to help you get through it, I never had a lot of support from others when I went through my grievances, thats why I am always here if you ever need someone to talk to :)
  4. That's supposed to be my calling... :(
  5. We can do it together eh? It gets hard to help yourself though through times like these, and having support is always good :)
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  6. Good luck guys. Illness and death are always hard to deal with, even if the end is merciful.
  7. Going to New York tomorrow morning to check on Grand Father. If only I could like my own comments...
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  8. Amen