[FOR SALE]Zombie Grinder SMP1 Wilderniss

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  1. Hello http://bit.ly/spawner
    I sell my zombie grinder.:)
    It's working very well, you get a lot of xp!
    I want 10K for it but you can bid.:cool:
    I can also make it automatic, but you don't get any xp.
    Here are some pictures:

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  2. If you buy it i will send you the cords;)
  3. Im sorry but NO zombie grinder will go for 20k, It might sell for 5k if you lucky enough for someone to want one.
    EDIT: Please read the terms of the selling a spawner
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  4. WEll, 10k is a good price, but a seeing that you are not a supporter, so I think 8k or something like that is a good price.
  5. Might buy it, but what exactly would you like for it, because 20k is wayyy to much for a zombie grinder
  6. Is it like a quad zombie? cause 20k is too much..
  7. this is work so little
  8. I want 10K for it
  9. Is it a single spawner or double/triple etc.?
  10. It's a single spawner, but i have edited the price
  11. If it gets you so much xp then why are you so low on texp leaderboards?
  12. I don't use it very much. I only make them -.-
  13. deal. 10k. pm me with details

    EDIT: sorry for bumping!