For my birthday today, my parents got me the must unexpected gift...

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  1. So, i walk into my house today, and when i walk into the kitchen, i see THESE:


  2. okayokayokayokayumumumum

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  3. Wow. I'm scared.
  4. Jtc's Parents: Yes we would like to buy a My Little Pony ballon for our child's birthday
    Shop Clerk: Awwww How old is she turning
    Jtc's Parents: He's turning 14(?)
    Shop Clerk: Oh............


    I had too, Happy Bday though :D
  5. Thanks xD
    I'm still shocked i have a pony ballon and table cover XDXD
  6. Aw that sounds like a really cool birthday present haha :3
    I'm not really a fan of MLP But Im glad your parents got you what you wanted :D
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  7. You must have some flipping awesome parents.
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  8. Lol happy bday
  9. Your birthday is on the same day as GTA V comes out, and your parents buy you MLP balloons and stuffz... Seems legit :p

    Happy birthday Jtc :D
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  10. I didn't want that XDXD
    It was just for a "Holy crap, is that what i think it is?" Shock factor XDXD

    Thanks everyone else for the happy birthday! :D
  11. Did they know? I too am not really a fan of MLP, but are your parents stalking your internet activity?
  12. No.
  13. I some how brought up the topic, but i don't remember how xD
  14. Happy birthday! I would love to have a party themed after FiM. But that would require me to tell my parents I'm a brony...
  15. Don't worry, you'll just get teased, made fun of and humilated for the rest of your life :D
    From parents and peers alike :D
  16. Man, I wish my parents did something like that with something I really like...instead it's just plain purple and pink balloons. And Happy Birthday! :D
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  17. Last time I got a gift for my birthday I was like 11.

    Good ol' times.
  18. You never got one when you were 12?
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