[For Hire] Star Inc. Tree chopping

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  1. Hello, i am making the decision to reopen and rehire for Star INC trees, to those who are interested, I am looking for some brand new employees to come work for the New Star Inc center(217 on smp1 and soon to be 2230 on smp1 as well as new farms opening on every smp) to cut down trees and sell the wood, apples, and saplings.

    Payment: You will be paid based on how much wood you gather per time you go to the farms!
    Oak: 200r/Stack (of Logs)
    Acacia: 200r/Stack
    Dark Oak: 180r/Stack
    Jungle: 180r/Stack
    Spruce: 170r/Stack
    Birch: 150r/Stack

    There is also a weekly payment to all workers The starting payment for a new employee is 500r a week, this caps at the highest pay of 100,000r a week on top of all the wood gathered!
    [This weekly wage is only given to those who consistently work on a weekly basis]

    *If you are interested in a Job at Star Inc or have any questions regarding Star inc feel free to ask below or Private message me at any time. If you are looking for a job, someone from Star will message you to set up an explanation and tour of the entire star building in game!*
  2. how much wood does a wood chop chop wood chop wood?