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  1. as im getting older im being introduced to new kinds of foods. If you want you can put what food someone used to make for you or what you cook for yourself.

    you can also put down the recipe and instructions to make it so some other people can try eating somethind delicious
  2. my dad used to make this before he left us.

    Bean Burgers: (makes 2 bean burgers)
    - 2 slices of bread
    -a can of beans (i loke the maple ones)
    - mustard
    - 4 hot dogs
    - cheese (shredded or sliced thin)

    - toast the bread
    - cook the beans
    - boil the hotdogs
    - cut hotdogs in half
    - put mustard on toast
    - put beans on toast
    - put 4 halves of your hotdogs on top of the beans
    - put cheese on top of the hotdogs

    - put on a cookie sheet and put in oven on broil till cheese is melted
    - carefully take it out of oven, let it cool
    - ENJOY!!!
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  3. anyone else have anything to share
  4. im so sorry 4 your loss :(
  5. its fine
  6. Well I love it when my mum makes Chicken cream of rice soup.
    I don't know how to make it though. xD
  7. that sounds delicious
  8. TAC witch
    a bagel, summer sausage, peanut butter, cream cheese, sometimes humus, usually some form of a crunchy chip or pretzels, and anything else u have!
    originated from last year when i go to camp we were hiking and we ran out of regular things u would eat, we then decided just to put everything we had on a bagel and i still eat it at home :)
  9. wow thats really hilarious :p
  10. yup and im going back to the smae camp this year and doing it again:p