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What Do You Like More?!

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Dunkin Donuts 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Starbucks 4 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    I am doing something cool :D So I have been building resturants from irl on my/alts plot! I will keep building more and making layers of my res to build more and more. So far on the res there is:
    -Dunkin Donuts
    -Pizza Hut Edit: Rudy's Pizza

    My friend SuperKatt_HD Will be building a Starbucks there soon and my next build will be a Pizza Place then Taco Bell. So Every week I will open 1 of the restaurants so people can come see inside that one and order food ( some of the food is not edible xD )! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and feel free to stop by anytime to check out the builds :3

    If you have any restaurant ideas comment below and we will build them at the res :D

    If you have visited the res plz give feedback :3

    I would appreciate it if you would donate some materials. Right now I need:
    -Wool of all colors
    -Stained Clay of all colors

    The Donation Chest Is At The Res to your right!

    Who: Anyone Can Come!!

    What: I will be opening a restaurant so you can check it out and get food :D

    Why: For Fun and To Show Of Cool Builds :p

    When: Once Every Week!

    Where: At /v +FT on smp8
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  2. bump
    Rudy's Pizza Was Built~
    SuperKatt_HD Will Be Starting StarBucks Soon~
    2nd Layer/Floor Is Being Built~
    Next Restaurant Is Gonna Be Taco Bell~

    Dont Forgot To Check This Out At /v +FT
    Use Door Flag Added So Dont Be Afraid To Look In The Insides!