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  1. I've recently been getting double chests full of food lately, and yes, I do go into the wild, but not enough to nearly eat all of it. I was thinking that the hunger system could be added back to the town server, because I know that many people that play on here probably have big or, biggish farms and have loads of food. Plus it would bring back the faring aspect to this server even more. People could spend more time farming. For me, I like to farm in minecraft, so it would definitely be fun more me. It could even make food a little more valuable.
  2. Town is for everyone who wants a place to build/live without too many distractions. Hunger can get annoying.
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  3. I can agree to a certain extent... I have to much pie, must eat it all!
  4. Maybe enable it on certain plots? That way people who want to or have enough food can. But if you're like me, you have no food :)
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  5. Hunger will probably never be enabled in town ... I don't see any benefits to it, and too many people would dislike it.
  6. I.. I thought stews were a potato ally... I...

    I like this idea. I see no point of food, other than potatoes, because potatoes are awesome.
  7. This would make you take damage in town therefore taking away the point of town a place you can build and can't die.
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  8. Would you bake them or eat them right out of the ground?
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  9. Not everybody has easy access to food, but everyone who goes to the wild needs it. Just sell your food, either by auction, on your own res, or by stocking a larger store.
    If you really want to eat food in town, you should just suggest adding the ability to eat food in town. I know a lot of people have wanted the ability to eat cake, but I'm not sure if it's been implemented yet.
    Long story short: Food good, hunger bad.
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  10. How about, perhaps, in town, you can eat food, and you would get extra effects for doing so?
    Such as sugar = Speed and nightvision
    Potatoes = Godmode. (jk, but potatoes are awesome)
    Pies = Slowness and weakness V.
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  11. personally i think hoarding food is fun ... then if an apocalypse happens you're all set ah?
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  12. Agreed!
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  13. I don't have a farm though ;(
  14. You hoard Iron, now food. What's next? Everything? Haha :p
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  15. Thanks for your feedback guys. The damage for starvation could definitely be a problem, but could be fixed by just not taking damage and just not being able to sprint.
  16. I hate hunger loss in town. D: