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  1. Has anything been changed recently that might affect food/hunger?

    Yesterday I noticed that my hunger bar was going down way more than normal.

    I know there was something screwey with the hunger replenishment values, like melons replenishing five hunger when it's supposed to only do one.

    Melons seem to only replenish one now, but I find that I have to eat a melon slice every 20 seconds or so while I'm sprinting. Is that the way it's supposed to be?

    And no, I didn't eat any rotten flesh... not that I remember anyway, lol.

    Is anyone else noticing the same thing?
  2. Sprinting depletes half a bar every five seconds or so. It will go down very fast if you sprint for extended periods of time.

    Looks to me like food now works as intended.
  3. Yesterday evening I did merge the latest Bukkit recommended build into the code base. I can look at the release notes, it is possible that hunger was screwed up before (they rushed it getting 1.8 out) and it has been fixed.
  4. I thought you might have updated something...

    Cool, thanks for the answers. :)