Food Fest 19 MARCH (austrailian time)

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  1. Hello and welcome to the first anual Food Fest. it is being held at Littlestone Outpost:


    The food fest is where we (everyone from evry server) trys to get as much food to a certan really far out location. Each year we try to break the record of how much food we can get to littlestone.

    now for the fun part:

    Each server will nominate 2 well known members, one will carry a flint, and another a steel.
    they must survive with nothing but:

    4 bowls.
    a spawn mooshroom (can not put it back into an egg!)
    the flint/steel.
    The winning team will get 1k, along with any donations made by anyone. (rupps,items)

    Suggertions Much Apericeated!

    Nobodys Donated!!!

    remember: all donations are to be made to cube45.
  2. Aww...19th of march...away on that day...really want join though..):
  3. well, its my birthday so... yeah...
  4. I think you would get more participants if you raised the amount of rupees the winners will get. 1 k doesn't go very far for a lot of people. Someone can just go emerald farming for 20 minutes and get a stack and have over 1k almost 2k. Just a suggestion but you don't need to add it if you don't want to.
  5. no, its mainly run ioff of donations