[FMMV] Fendy's Miner Mania Village!

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  1. Hosted by: Me, FDNY21!
    Date: Friday, 21st of April!
    Time: 5PM EMC/10 PM GMT!
    Location: SMP4, North East Waste, travel East

    Hello everyone!

    Fendy's Miner Mania Village, known as FMMV, is a variant of the Miner Mania event. This event will focus on the primary purpose of Miner Mania, to mine to your heart's content, but it will also focus on building as well!

    Because there is mixture of mining and building, there really is something for everyone, and I hope you enjoy this event as much as I do! Use some of the materials that you gather to build houses with the rest of us, everyone is welcome!

    This event is hosted just for fun, there are no prizes given out. However, there is lots of mining and building to be enjoyed, and I'll try to take a screenshot of at least some of the builds at each of these events.

    Bring your own gear. Any armor, tools, food, and extra food for any players that run short, and anything else you think you may need!
  2. Pictures!

    Selfie :)

    Credit to Sachrock for taking this shot with Shaders!

    Selfie :)

    The village!

    Selfie :)

    The village!

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  3. Sounds fun!
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  4. I'll be there :D Looking forward to building a cute little house with whatever I mine :3

    EDIT: Internet is playing up so fingers crossed I'll be there ._.
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  5. Finally one at a time I can make

    Edit: if my mom lets me on....
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  6. I should be there :)
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  7. Will be there
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  8. Hey Guys Its a date. Sounds like fun. I Will make a haste beacon.
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  9. Have fun! I don't do events anymore but I hope you have an awesome turnout!
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  10. I think this may be the first mining event I can make it to (without horrible internet problems) in many months.
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  11. The event started just over twenty minutes ago and we are now in full swing, please come along if you'd like to mine or build! There's plenty of space for everyone :)
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  12. Thanks for coming, everyone! I think the event, for my first event done by myself, went pretty well - and I hope you all enjoyed it!

    Screenshots have been added to the post under the original. I look forward to seeing you all again at this event, next hosted in March!

    If anyone has any feedback on the event or suggestions for this event for the future, please let me know via PM or via this thread :)
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  13. The event is starting at 10PM GMT today, as it was last time, which is 6PM EMC time :)

    Location to be announced soon, looking forward to the event!
  14. I'll definitely be there :D At Fendy's for the weekend so I don't have to worry about spotty internet :p
  15. Will be there.
  16. I shall be there.
  17. Just to let everyone know, the event is now in progress!
  18. Thanks to all that attended, the event is now over but feel free to visit the village that we have created!

    Two pictures are now featured in the second post :)
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  19. I will try to make it :)
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  20. Sounds like fun! I think I can make it! :D
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