Flying Pyramid Project

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by polo003, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys!
    Ok so a while ago I made a Pyramid on a dirt platform in the sky at 2410(SMP1)
    At the moment me and Antinanco_ness Are doing the inside, but it's taking ages!
    If anyone would like to help here are the jobs:
    Chief Builders (3):ScarTheNinja, Antinanco_ness
    Builders(Unlimited But Within Reason):Catwarrior7,cube1234567890

    Looking For Help Guys, Will Also Be Posting Places And stuff and ALL Helpers get to be in it and mentioned!
  2. Sounds interesting. I will help build I suppose.
    SMP1 correct?
  3. Yeh Sorry Just Gonna Edit, What Role?
  4. Cool. I wish I could try.
  5. K You Guys Are In.