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  1. Are you serious...
  2. Bit late mate? ;)
  3. Did you know there is a 10 hour version of this?! (My jaw is literally dropping!!!)
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  5. Seriously? I will eat their cute head off and eat their poptarts!
  6. Okay, and?!
    EDIT: oops-a-daisy I-feel-lazy (didn't know what to write to make it obvious I'm embarrassed for writing that )
  7. i was stating my current time to alex
  8. I wish I could lock this thread....
  9. *lock*
  10. I PM'ed Aikar to lock this thread so...

    EDIT: Wall text XD
  11. how does this brake rules?
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  12. It doesn't.
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  13. Lock this thread now before Nyan cats escape and invade the whole website. I'm serious.
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  14. Deadly serious. nobody wants Nyan fever, or DO THEY?!?! *evil laugh*
  15. It doesn't, but whats the point of this thread?
  16. It's in Miscellaneous, he can post what he wants ;)
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  17. I know that, but can this thread be random videos :D
  18. I guess... Random Videos Time!!!???