Flowers (Allium & Pink tulips) Not spawning

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Melk73, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. I've got a flower farm in town and for some reason pink tulips and Allium don't spawn. I've used about 6 stacks of bonemeal in a flower forest and plains biome and haven't got one. Is this a glitch or something I've overlooked?
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  2. I think someone once told me that the place of flower types was predetermined by block. How big of a space are you experimenting in?
  3. I could look at it if you want? I've built a few of these in my day
  4. About 12x10
    If you want, 2581, walk foward
  5. Yeah I told krysyy this a while ago :p Flower forests only spawn tulips / aliums in certain spots in the biome. (you can't change that) So walk around your res placing bone meal and wherever tulips / alliums spawn make your farm there
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  6. I found where Allium spawns but shouldn't pink tulips spawn with the rest?
  7. No, they are seperate
  8. Samsimx they are probably rare I cant find them, but it cant be a glitch world generation is weird sometimes