[Floor Buyers Needed] Merchant's Mini-Mall

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  1. Ok well like I said from previous posts, my time is now consumed by other things than EMC, unfortunately. I am selling parts of my shop, floors to be exact. First of all, I need a little advice in this area. I plan on having all of my current chestshops remaining where they are, but I do not want to be the only source for items to be purchased from. Here are a few conditions I have for buyers:
    • You get one sign created per chestshop. Afterwards, no editing, I will not give you build perms over and over again so you can change your prices. I only want to give my suppliers perms for a certain amount of time that I am online, creating your own shops on a floor shouldn't take anymore than two hours. I will reserve a certain part of the floor for the buyer (for instance, room for as many chests as there are on the floor will be available for the competitor).
    • You are only allowed to set up the same chestshops that are what I have up. Just better organization between the supplier and myself.
    List of floors that I'm selling (I am not selling all of them): NOTE: This is first come, first serve. I will get deals locked in by Friday, because that is the first free day I have. Please post offers on this thread, and check out the floor you are interested in buying first before you ask me, that way you will know what you can supply and what you can't.
    • Stone Floor-Enchanted Books
    • Stone Brick Floor-Potions
    • Cobble Floor-Stone Blocks
    • Brick Floor-Minerals
    • Nether Brick Floor-Decor Blocks
    • Netherrack Floor-Wool, Hard Clay, Dyes
    • Gravel Floor (first floor I want to sell)-Mob Drops
    I am hoping to sell each floor from a range of 5k-10k, thanks for reading guys.