flooded "THe End" smp6

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  1. Who flooded "the end" and keeps killing my path?? smp6's "The end" is covered in water. Just wondering why some one did this?
  2. To combat the constant spawning in Enderbro's. Enderbro's hate water and they take damage while in contact with water.
  3. i know that but come on lol
  4. Stop looking at them (or wear a pumpkin on your head) and they leave you alone anyway. And what if somebody wants to go there to fight endermen? I'd call flooding The End a form of griefing.
  5. I'm thinking the same way alexschrod. Now its just a mess...
  6. I know that Enderman hate water, but this is just too far
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  7. I agree, that is going way too far. This is an online game that a lot of people play. You can't just go around flooding The End because you don't want to be attacked by Endermen when you get there. If you don't want to be attacked then don't go there, simple as that. Don't be selfish and ruin the fun for everyone else just to make things easier for you. If you really want to flood The End go do it offline in your own world.
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  8. I thought that enderbosses desolve water?
  9. No dragon on emc servers so forever it stays tell some one cleans it up....
  10. damn......
  11. Myself and Margaritte went to the End a while back to go on an Endermen rampage. It's not as easy as it seems. Even with a pack of over two dozen wolves they were just so hard to pin down and the wolves kept target glitching.
  12. enderman are 3 high so just put a block 3 high stand under it and atatck them
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMbn3-_6so0
    This is why I think flooding The End is a good thing! Because Endermen can't spawn in water you can control where they can spawn by flooding The End.

    This video doesn't show him flooding The End but I have seen a Youtube video of a guy flooding the whole end and made a Endermen Farm/XP Farm
  14. I was thinking the same thing but i have not seen a grinder any were in "The End" except for one justin made but its not very good :) I don't think any one uses it.
  15. The funny thing is if they built the endermen grinder 200+ blocks out from main island then no need to flood the island.
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  16. Ive already spoken to a mod about this, this is soooo annoying!!!
  17. wow whoever put water is a real nub