Floating Pokemon City

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  1. Im new here and one of my first projects is to build a floating city over my work area (ground level) and build it out of wool mainly. It will be complete with a PokeMart, PokeCenter, and Gym. Idk why I want to make it. Maybe because of Nystalgia (sp?). Tell me what you think. Itll be on SMP2, Im still building the floor and gathering the supplies. Once Im done Ill post my Residence Number and possibly a video or two and some screen shots. Thanks for viewing! If you have any recommendations please say so.
  2. Great idea teejay!
    Maybe you can even think of a kind of system to make something like a pokemon gym actually work. Maybe a spleef gym or maybe you can even invent/create your won minigame! I am so glad the empire is filled with such bright people that are always motivated. That is why the empire is the best!
  3. I will try to think of some minigames. My knowledge with redstone isnt the greatest but Ill work on it. Ill start gathering redstone and such also. Im really eager to begin working on it but sadly I updated :p
  4. lol try downloading something called the "Digiex Minecraft Launcher". It allows you to play ANY version of minecraft ever released
  5. Ok. I probably wont now because Justin looks like hes just about done with the update. And plus ive been playing league of legends. LoL
  6. Not Indev, but all the others.
    (Yes, I use it to ;))
  7. teejay i have TONS of supplies and im not a total noob with redstone (a 3x3 piston door tutorial wasn't over my head) and can help u out!
  8. Thanks man. Im still doing some designs so I dont know what is required yet. Ill deffinetly need help with redstone I know that for sure. Ill let you know when I get closer to laying it out.
  9. sounds great /support tejay4hire
  10. 2 player with an animal egg :D
    "Go COW use roll-out" (Milktank)
    "Go Yellow Sheep, use thunderbolt" (Opps. Mareep is not yellow :/ )
  11. Ill be sure to add a space somewhere in my res to honor everyone who supports any of my builds. I plan on doing alot more than just this.
  12. You just made my day. :D
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  13. nnnnmc1, mareep is yellow! (flaffy isn't) images.jpeg
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  14. It doesn't look so 'yellow' like my Pikachu :(
  15. Hmm... I want you to create a battle stadium! Now we just need some new features and pokeballs. :D
  16. stick = pokeball :D
    animal = pokemon :D
  17. Wow, I use Digiex Minecraft Launcher too, but I didn't recognize it because my computer says it as mclauncher.
  18. the stick=pokeball will be awesome but maybe dispensers so a) its random, and b) he wont have to give perms to everyone :D