Floating Orb Survival 3.0

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  1. Hello, everyone! Recently, I've been working on a Minecraft map called Floating Orb Survival. This is the third version that turned out much better than the other two now that 1.8 has been released. How it works, is you spawn in the orb (if I did it right), and you have to use the resources provided to escape. If you have suggestions of anything I should add, feel free to say what it is.


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ypw12cf1rbrhpd5/Floating_.zip
  2. But, really, what is outside the orb, that we should aspire to?
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  3. Cookies? Cake? Lapis? Dirt!? It looks fun anyway, I'd love to try it seeing as i love anything that has a chance of frying my brain :D