Floating Orb Escape Custom map

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  1. I made one of these last year, but it wasn't so popular. So now I'm trying it again. This time I added a multiplayer version. It is possible with one person, but it's a lot harder. I made:
    A Regular version 2013-03-09_21.48.45.png 2013-03-09_21.48.35.png
    A Hardcore version
    2013-03-09_21.49.07.png 2013-03-09_21.49.18.png
    A Multiplayer version
    2013-03-09_21.50.04.png 2013-03-09_21.50.11.png
    Some more pictures 2013-03-09_21.51.06.png 2013-03-09_21.51.28.png
    I will make a Hardcore multiplayer soon, but for now this was all I could think of. Downloads for these will be at the bottom of the post. I hope people like this more than they did last time. I will post pictures if people want me to. That's all I have to say.

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  2. Can you post some pics? We may try this for an OBAMGaming video. :)
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  3. Sure. Also, how do I make spoilers? Sorry for the texture pack, it was meant to be stupid.
  4. Looks good. I'd download t but I'm on an iPad and I don't know how to download maps on a computer anyways :p
  5. Download it on a computer like this:
    Click on the link you want.
    • Go into your downloads file.
    • Copy the world file.
    • Go to a folder called %appdata% (Only on PCs)
    • Go into .Minecraft.
    • Go into Saves.
    • Paste it there.
    • Unzip the folder.
    • Start up your game.
    • Done!
    Edit: This is ONLY for PCs. If you have a MAC, sorry, I have never used one before and don't know how to download it.
  6. Fixed that for ya. First of all, a Mac is also a personal computer (PC), and second, even if we were talking of Mac vs. non-Mac PCs, those things also run other OSes than Windows, such as Linux and BSD. Sorry for the rant, but I'm so tired of the whole PC = Windows idea some people seem to have.
  7. Well everyone else will know what I mean by PC.
  8. What is unzipping a folder
  9. Well, these are zipped files, so just right click the folder and click extract files.
  10. Here, have some Mac directions.
    1. Download map
    2. Open folder
    3. Copy the folder inside to ~(representing your username)\Library\Application Support\minecraft\saves.
    4. Open Minecraft, and enjoy!
    No Library folder? You're not insane. Apple hid it in 10.7 Lion and above to prevent unknowing people from wrecking their computer. Learn how to get your Library folder back here.

    Map not showing? Check if there's another, single folder inside the folder and put it in saves instead. I haven't downloaded this, so I'm not sure if this is an issue.

    PM SpaceShuttleFan with any other issues.
    --------------END OF GUIDE-------------
    Feel free to put this in the OP.
    See, Macs aren't insanely different. Minecraft is just in another place.
  11. Question about this.

    We loaded it on our server and spawned on top of the thing that says: "If you spawned here, step on this plate".

    We did, and didn't go anywhere.

    Also is it intended to be survival or adventure mode?
  12. You're supposed to spawn in the sphere, so it might be glitchy spawning under a block like that. Sorry. I don't know what was wrong with the command block. I'll try to think of another way that doesn't allow people to escape before intended.

    Play it on survival mode, because you have to dig and place a lot.I'll try to fix the problem with spawning on top of the sphere, ideas would help too. My only suggestion right now is to switch game modes and break the bedrock really fast. It might also have something to do with not being able to use commands. I don't know.
  13. Another question...Outisde that sphere is a path that says: "Thanks for playing".

    Is that the end?

    There are other islands, but it seems we're not meant to go there?
  14. The path with the sign was the end. The extra islands were bonuses, as some people suggested I add.
    EDIT: I built it on my old server map, while Silverman2 was trolling people, which explains the flaming box with craters in it.
  15. I'm also open to suggestions on how I can prevent spawning above the orb.
  16. Sorry, I have no idea how to fix it that doesn't allow players to escape before they should. I need some suggestions.
  17. You could move the spawn with McEdit