Flemmings Fine Dinning Franchise opens!

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  1. Flemmings(c) Fine Dinning and Bar have just opened a second franchise at KEVINwelch2001's residence on SMP-1! Make sure to visit his new Flimmings(c) franchise! Also besure to go to the original Flemmings Bar and Fine Dinning at 1103!
    Ask Hash98 for your own Flimmings Franchise in your lot.
  2. We are also hiring a waiter, and a misc. worker. Pays by the number of sells.
  3. Please fill out a application:
    Res Number:
    How old you are:(EMC Days, /p your name)
    Why you want to work here:(Don't say:for the rupees.)
  4. Name: IamSaj
    Server: Main One that I have res on: SMP5
    Res Number: 10417
    How old I am in EMC Days: 91 Days
    Why I would want to work at Flemmings: It seems like a cool restaurant by stopping by in-game and also I have been to the restaurant in real life before so I would enjoy the experience working there very much. I hope I get accepted! :) Thanks for reading my app
  5. Congradulations, you have been hired. You will be payed by KEVINwelch2001.(Depends on what he wants to pay you.)
    You will work at his residence franchise. I hope you will enjoy, thanks for applying.
  6. Thanks! So when do I start and stuff?
  7. now and your co worker is wee900 you get paid 4 r a sale
  8. Kevin, take it from here:D
  9. Ok thanks!
  10. So you don't want anyone making a new restaurant under your name? :)
  11. When do I get paid? I just made a sale
  12. If you mean by making another Flimmings without my permission...........you will be in a whole lot of trouble.
  13. No I mean with your permission. After all, that's the point of a franchise!
  14. Well, to apply for a franchise, you have to fill out this application:
    Lot #:
    You will have to talk to me privately, and I will have to build it.
    Also-KEVINwelch2001, on 7/10/12, I will need my profits from your restraunt.:D
  15. Thers a steak restraint near Tyson's corner Virginia named Flemings it was opened in 1973...
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  16. Uh... thats in REAL life
  17. Name: darkruler53
    Server: SMP6 is my house but I also enjoy playing in wild on SMP9
    Lot #: 13075
    Reason: I've been to the Flemmings restraunt and found it would be a great way to get people to come to my new mall that is coming up!

    P.S. This is to get a franchise when the bones of res are done.
  18. I know! I love Flemmings IRL! Even though it is SUPER expensive.
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  19. Ok, talk to me in Private chat on this cite:D
  20. I know.. its the wallet killer but the food's is pretty good
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