Flemmings Bar and Fine Dinning

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  1. Flemmings is a bar and fine dinning where every visit is unforgetable. We are located at 1103.
    One of the main reasons I am poting this thread is b/c I need a bar tender, so if you wish to apply for the job please fill out this application and post it down below. You get 4 rupees a sale, which can add up.
    Lot #:
    Age on EMC: (/p yourname )
    What important things you have done on EMC:
    Why you want this job:
  2. Come know for fresh butchered pork and steak. Beans have just been harvested, and the cookies and cake have just been baked.
  3. Name: zombieslayer010
    Lot #: 11387 (smp5)
    Age on EMC: 95 days old (a LOT older than other EMC member's, but not you)
    What important things you have done on EMC: built, built, and farmed
    Why you want this job: I need rupees for my new mall
  4. One question... are you on smp1 alot?
  5. I live on smp5 mainly but I patrol the forums like a watch dog
  6. XD Ok, I will make a private chat on here for alerting you.
  7. Wow, you really do.
  8. my name is kevin i am good at minecraft i love emc i have 13,120 ruppes im 11 and you should hire me because i am good with pepole i am 117 emc days old and i know bussiness more than zobie dude does and im practicing my raping
  9. hey can i have access down stairs because when we run out of stuff its bad and if you have a drink storige down there awnser me please ok thankes
  10. CreppaNinga235
    3526 on smp2
    3 months and 7 dayz
    farm, built, and mob slaying :p
    I need a good place so I can work for you!
  11. No can do, but will restock everyday.
  12. thanks for replying
  13. creeper dude were not hireing rite now maby later or i could be a bar tender/manager for bar tenders and creeper dude can be a waiter/manger for waiters
  14. Was about to post.... Dang it
  15. kookokok
  16. lets go res 1103
  17. Look at the last 4 words. I'm seriously scared...
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  18. He means raping jack, XD.