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  1. So far I made this Smiley, the tower and my modern looking ish house :) I will be also making a ' spinnaker tower' if you don't know what it is, google it, I live near it :)
    SMP6 - 12204. There is also underground maze where you can win prizes. Credits go to some german guy for the house design. :) I just wanted to share what I did, don't hate. The garden area is yet to be finished.


  2. niiiiiiiiiiiiice :D
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  3. lol great!
  4. That is epic
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  5. Nice job! That tower is awesome and I really like how your house looks!
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  6. Thankyou for the positive comments! :eek:;)
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  7. no problem it looks VERY nice :) i want to donate if you want ;)
  8. nah its cool but I'll keep it in mind. :eek:
  9. i can give some wool :p