Flame I Power V BOW

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. I've been wanting to auction this off since the first day i got it. So here it is!

    Description: Bow [ Power 5 Flame 1 ]
    Condition: NEVER been used
    Starting bid: 2,000 rupees
    Minimum bid increments: 100 rupees
    AUction end: 36 hours after the last bidder
  2. Anybody interested?
  3. Anybody else? This is a VERY good deal as of now.
  4. HEY the happy shoppper bidded 5k! He deleted the comment!
  5. No I dint im bidding 5k!!
  6. okay, good.
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  7. Random internet i have
  8. Wierd,Anyway,Im still up for 2.1k
  9. im at 5k dude, sorry
  10. Um,What? Was that an offical bid or?
  11. Official - Making joke bids is against the rules and is not fair play... For some reason my post disappeared so I reposted it.
  12. Okay,Just weird,First you posted "5k" ,Then it disspeard and suddenly you type "im at 5k dude, sorry" like if the post still was there :p
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  13. Happyshopper is in the lead with 5k.
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  14. Come on folks! THis is a VERY nice bow!
  15. Wow went from 2.2 to 5k thats great!!!:)
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  16. Yes and it would go higher if you would bid! ;) ;)
  17. Anybody else interested?
    Current bid is 5k!
  18. Sorry for the hold up, come to smp7 14664 Happyshopper. I have been at a friends house for about two days.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.